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Aleister Crowley
Victor B. Neuburg
Frater Achad


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Aleister Crowley
Victor B. Neuburg
Frater Achad


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   Quality Books by:

   Aleister Crowley    Victor B. Neuburg
     - The Book of the Law (SOLD OUT)       - The Magical Record of Omnia Vincam
     - The Wizard Way      - Swift Wings - 50% OFF - NOW $9.50
     - Cocaine      - A Green Garland - 50% OFF - NOW $9.50
     - Sir Palamedes      - Songs of the Grove - 50% OFF - NOW $9.50
     - Absinthe:  the Green Goddess      - Rosa Ignota - 50% OFF - NOW $11.00
     - The Big Stick - 50% OFF - NOW $11.50      - The New Diana (SOLD OUT)   
     - The Book of the Law (SOLD OUT)   
     - The Rites of Eleusis (SOLD OUT)  
     - The Drug (SOLD OUT)   
     - The Psychology of Hashish (SOLD OUT)  
     - The Revival of Magick (SOLD OUT)    
     - Hymn to Pan (SOLD OUT)  


The 100th Monkey Press Book Store


The 100th Monkey Press is proud to offer a series of hand-bound, limited edition publications from a variety of authors including Aleister Crowley, Victor B. Neuburg and others.






The latest item in our series is an edition of Victor B. Neuburg's Magical Record.  A diary of his ten-day magical retirement at Boleskine House in 1909.  Price:  US $23.95





     On 8 April 1909 Victor B. Neuburg took the oath of Probationer in Aleister Crowley's newly formed magical order the A\A\ For his motto as a Probationer he took the name Omnia Vincam.  In June of 1909 Neuburg traveled from Cambridge to Crowley's home, Boleskine House. The purpose of his visit was to begin a 10-day magical retirement under Crowley's guidance.

     This magical diary provides a detailed look at Crowley's method of training and Neuburg's experiences during this 10-day period from 18 - 27 June 1909.  It's a day-by-day record filled with minute detail, including Crowley's notes and comments on Neuburg's progress, or lack thereof as the case may be.



The Magical Record.

     Each book is bound by hand and measures 7 x 9.  114 pages.  The text is set in Sofia and Nyala fonts and printed in black, red and blue on a beautiful 24 lb., acid-free, Royal Laid paper specifically chosen for this project.  The cover is crafted from glued-up acid-free paper and cloth.


Photographs of Boleskine House.

     Twelve large size (5 1/2" x 8 1/2") photographs of Boleskine House and the surrounding estate are included.  These photographs document how Boleskine House appeared around the time Neuburg was visiting Crowley in 1909. The photographs are loosely contained in a string-tied portfolio crafted from glued-up acid-free paper and cloth to match the binding of the diary.



     A custom bookmark and bookplate is included with the set.



Edition limited to 75 numbered copies.

Price:  USD $23.95







Book Cover


Photos and Portfolio


Sample Page from Book


Sample Page from Book


Sample Photo of Boleskine House






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