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   Aleister Crowley

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     - The Wizard Way

    - The Essays of Frater Achad

     - Cocaine

   Victor B. Neuburg

     - Sir Palamedes

     - Swift Wings - 50% OFF - NOW $9.50

     - The Big Stick - 50% OFF - NOW $11.50

     - A Green Garland - 50% OFF - NOW $9.50


     - Songs of the Grove - 50% OFF - NOW $9.50


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     - The Book of the Law (SOLD OUT) 

     - The Magical Record of Omnia Vincam (SOLD OUT)

     - Absinthe:  the Green Goddess (SOLD OUT) 

     - The New Diana (SOLD OUT)   

     - The Rites of Eleusis (SOLD OUT)


     - The Drug (SOLD OUT)


     - The Psychology of Hashish (SOLD OUT)


     - The Revival of Magick (SOLD OUT)


     - Hymn to Pan (SOLD OUT)



The 100th Monkey Press Book Store


The 100th Monkey Press is proud to offer a series of hand-bound, limited edition publications from a variety of authors including Aleister Crowley, Frater Achad and Victor B. Neuburg.






A limited hand-bound edition of a series of rare, hard to find, essays written by Frater Achad. Edition limited to 75 numbered copies.  Price:  US $22.95





     In 1923 Frater Achad (Charles Stansfeld Jones) wrote a series of rare, hard to find, essays for the short-lived, Los Angeles magazine, Occult Press Review. He first became involved with the magazine with the February-March issue and continued his involvement throughout 1923. Besides contributing five articles to the magazine he also developed a new cover design and became a contributing editor. Some of the articles he contributed included "Gambling with the World" and "Initiation." Rounding out this book are an additional two articles he provided in 1923 & 1924 to the British magazine, the Occult Review.


     Each book is bound by hand and measures 8 1/2” x 11”.  55 pages.  Printed in blue and black on acid-free, 24 lb. Royal Laid paper specifically chosen for this edition.  Bound using a stab style binding with a soft, acid-free, wraparound white paper cover with gold threads. The spine is wrapped in a red faux suede material.


     The book includes graphics of each of the original covers of the magazines containing Frater Achad's articles.  It also includes a graphic of his "Wheel of the Tarot."


     As an added bonus, each book comes with a 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” hand-bound copy of Frater Achad's essay entitled Thinking Backwards” bound in matching paper.


     Included with each book is a handsome bookplate and bookmark.


Edition limited to 75 numbered copies.  Price:  US $22.95





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