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Aleister Crowley
Victor B. Neuburg
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Aleister Crowley
Victor B. Neuburg
Frater Achad


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Public Collections:

University of London, The Warburg Institute, London, U.K.  The premier public collection of Aleister Crowley material.  The bulk of the the Warburg Institute's collection was acquired through the purchase of the Gerald Yorke collection.
    A-Z Catalog of Warburg Institute Holdings
    Catalog of Yorke NS1 - NS49 Holdings
    Catalog of Yorke NS50 - NS118 Holdings
    Catalog of Yorke OS1 - OSE21 Holdings
    Catalog of Yorke OSEE1 - P2 Holdings
    Yorke Collection on Microfilm

University of Texas, Harry Ransom Center, Austin, Texas.  The bulk of the the Ransom Center's collection was acquired through the purchase of the G.F.C. Fuller collection in 1966.
    Catalog of Ransom Center Holdings
Syracuse University, Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse, New York.
    Catalog of Special Collection Research Center Holdings
All Encompassing Reference Sources:
LAShTAL.com - The Home of the Aleister Crowley Society.  Always something interesting being discussed here.




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